About us

Fly4elephants is a German based non profit foundation, founded in June 2012, who decided to take a stand for the endangered African elephant. Fly4elephants will not collar animals nor start yet another behavior research programme as countless NGOs already do.

As the name suggests, Fly4elephants aims to patrol the airspace over areas where elephant poaching has dramatically increased. This causes an obstacle for the poachers as visibility from the air is far better than on the ground.

Fly4elephants can then relay messages back to ground security crews to pin point where poachers are located.





About us


The Species we wish to protect: Elephants

The Pilot: Wildlife photographer Marcel Romdane, based in Ol Seki, Naboisho Conservancy

The Organizer: Nicole Tepperies

The Plane: Piper Super Cub

The Organization: German based foundation


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